Video art

Neural city

Rudolf worked from 2016 to 2019 on the Art research project “Patterns and rhythms in nature”. For this project he filmed primarily outdoors in the Ardennes (Belgium), registering movement of rivers, lakes, trees and clouds. You could say that this project is made in the tradition of the Lost Corners project, showing the hidden pearls in the ordinary.
A few representative examples; X-video, Metamorphosis, Tangled trees, Electric moonlight.

In many of his videos you can hear a mix of background sounds (often stretched or otherwise manipulated), mixed with music he found in royalty free libraries. He also used random sound generators. Coincidence and randomness in the tradition of John Cale played so far a big part in his video art.
Yet, end 2019, Rudolf wanted more control over the sound effects and background tracks. He started to work with digital synthesizers to create exactly the art sound he wanted. A few examples of this change you can find here; Contagious, Humanity everywhere, El toro

Since August 2021 he experiments with machine learning:


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