Earth is watching you – short film beta

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Preview of the short film “Earth is watching you” by Rudolf Boogerman. An abstract view on our uneasy relationship with the planet we live on.
As this project is still in development, your feedback is much appreciated.
Please leave a comment below with your remarks before 20 September 2017.
To support this project, we plan to set up a crowdfund campaign at the end of September.
Best viewed in full screen.

Medium: Sony FX1 Camcorder
Resolution: 1920×1040
Length: 00:3:14
Soundtrack: Rudolf Boogerman, produced with REplay Player from Karlheinz Essl.


One response to “Earth is watching you – short film beta”

  1. Irene B says:

    Really excellent. Intriguing. Kept me watching all the way to the end.

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