4 Dimensional Architecture Bloopers

The 4D Architecture Bloopers

4 Dimensional Architecture, or in shorthand 4D Architecture,  is an NFT Art series created by Rudolf Boogerman, using Generative Adversarial Networks in his own unique way.

To create this series, I had to generate a huge amount of images to get to the result I wanted. In that process, some shining pearls came up, but they didn’t fit in the series, as I had to follow the rules laid out for this project from the beginning.
Since the NFT community has helped me a lot to promote this series, and quite a few people indicated that they couldn’t afford the high gas fees on OpenSea, I decided to create a blooper series on objkt.com, which is a Tezos* platform.
Although called bloopers, I must stress that these are artworks in their own right, having the same quality as the original series. The main difference is that they are smaller in size, namely 1024×1024 pixels, whereas the original series is 2160×2160 for the NFTs and 4960×4960 for the giclées. And some of them look quite unruly in comparison with the parent series.

Auction on objkt.com

Unlike the original series with fixed pricing, this was an auction.
The first drop
of twenty 4D Architecture Bloopers happened on Saturday 4 December 2021. The reserve price was 7 tez. and 11 artworks were sold that weekend, while 9 were given away to my friends from Babel who never ceased to support me.

The second and last drop was on Saturday 18 December at: 09:30am PST (US) – 18:30pm CET(EU) – 17:30pm GMT (UK) on https://objkt.com/collection/KT1VdahNbLsQa5KTFdunBiTqdEmKnwzpL9mk.
The reserve price for the second drop was 10 tez per 1/1 NFT and royalties is 15%.
After the auction was finished, there were only two artworks left. The highest bid was 32 tezos for one artwork.

There are no giclées available for this particular series!

(*) For those not acquainted with Tezos, it is a cryptocurrency on its own blockchain. Because the Tezos blockchain is younger than Ethereum, it handles transactions differently. As a result, gas fees are neglectable over there.
You can easily convert Ethereum into Tezos via simpleswap.io(this is not an affiliate link).

Note: Ethereum upgraded their system to “Proof of stake”, which is more energy efficient. This transition happened in October 2022.

Terms of use

The NFTs follow standard industry rules: The NFT is for personal use only. This means that you can display it via electronic devices in your home of where you work. You can show it to friends and display it on a website or a virtual gallery, as long as it has no commercial purpose.
You can also resell the artwork via the platform you bought it from. 15% commission goes to the artist.
The artist remains the copyright owner of the NFTs. When you buy, you automatically agree to these rules.

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