4D Architecture – Expanded views

The 4D Architecture – Expanded Views

The 4 dimensional Expanded Views NFT art collection, or in shorthand 4D Expanded Views, derives from the 4 Dimensional Architecture series created by Rudolf Boogerman, using Generative Adversarial Networks in his own unique way.
The 4D Expanded Views series differs from the original series in a sense that the images are landscape format instead of square and the resolution of the artwork is 3840 x 2160 pixels (also called 4K), as opposed to 2160 x 2160 in the original series. This makes the digital artwork a good match for large screens, art display devices and as a desktop background on computers.
The architectural themes are city districts, cathedrals, theatres and bridges with a 4 dimensional twist, inspired on M.C. Escher and the Penrose triangle (see 4 Dimensional Architecture for more info).

The first 24-hour drop of 20 artworks was on Saturday 22 January 2022.
It sold out in 7 days to 13 collectors under which the famous artist/collector Murat Pak.

OpenSea trading data

The displayed floor price fluctuates a lot as it is heavily influenced by secondary listings which are sometimes unrealistic, although one artwork did sell for 0.75eth in the secondary market. At this time of writing the floor is 0.5eth.

The Second drop was on Saturday 5 March 2022
Set price: 0.3eth per artwork. Thirteen were sold within the first 24 hours. It is the first time the drop wasn’t completely sold out, part of the reason is probably the war with Ukraine, which started five days earlier. A lot of people began to organize financial aid for Ukraine. Rudolf also participated and donated to Red Cross Ukraine.

How to buy an artwork from this series

The 1/1 NFT artworks are released on OpenSea.
Currency: Ethereum only. The royalties on secondary sales: 10%

Hand signed Giclées

The series comes with the option to buy a hand signed Giclée using durable archival ink on high quality aquarelle paper, printed by a specialist of Museum quality art reproductions in Belgium.
Hodlers with minimum 2 NFTs of this series can reserve 1 giclée for free.
Anyone else can order a hand signed Giclée at 0.2eth (shipping worldwide included, eventual import tax excluded).
There will be maximum three Giclées per artwork available to guarantee scarcity.
NFT holders of this series have the first right to buy.
For Discord members who own at least one NFT of this series, a raffle was held on 30 January 2022 for a free Giclée of choice. https://discord.gg/vaRHBfVfsH

Available formats
Due to the format of the originals, the giclées don’t fall within standard frame formats:

  • 30 x 17,07inch (72 x 40,97 cm) including a white border of ±3mm for passe-partout/frame.
  • 24 x 13,65 inch (60 x 34,14 cm) including a white border of ±3mm for passe-partout/frame.

It is possible to remove the border or to enlarge it, in which case the width will be adapted:

Terms of use

The NFTs follow standard industry rules: The NFT is for personal use only. This means that you can display it via electronic devices in your home of where you work. You can show it to friends and display it on a website or a virtual gallery, as long as it has no commercial purpose.
You can also resell the artwork via the platform you bought it from. 15% commission goes to the artist.
The artist remains the copyright owner of the NFTs. When you buy, you automatically agree to these rules.

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