NFT art series

Here is an overview of various NFT art series on a variety of platforms. This page is regularly updated.

Impression series

With the Impressions art series, I break a little with my usual abstractions. This is an art series about how we collectively treat and portray people, the noise and fall-out of attention, whether sought after or not. The lurid pictures of a frozen moment, the gossip, the accusations…
The artworks are, against my usual style, quite emotional displays, although without showing a discernible context. This allows the spectator to let their imagination run wild. There are intentionally no clues, only impressions, atmosphere and compositions that feel recognisable, although they are imaginary. What’s behind this image? And what do you feel about it?
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The underbelly of AI series

The underbelly of AI” series in which the artist muses about the connection between artificial neur(on)al networks and our brain. Humankind has succeeded to replicate many of nature’s processes in the form of cultivating animals and plants, flying like an artificial bird in the sky and diving like iron fish in the Sea. Today we enter into the era where we try to mimic the processes of the brain via artificial intelligence, which makes use of neural networks, just as our brain does (neurons, synapses, transmitters,…).
Via five art videos, Rudolf imagines what would happen if artificial intelligence develops a mind of its own and how that might look like.
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Human error series

Human error is a digital art series by Rudolf Boogerman using generative adversarial networks and image editing to express ideas about human nature and (r)evolution. The art series was presented on OpenSea on 17 September 2022. It took 2 months to create the collection.
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Neural conscious series

The Neural Conscious is a conceptual art project in which I try to imagine what would happen when Artificial Intelligence grows a personality. Many experts in the field do not think any longer it is a question of if, rather when. This inspired me to create a project around it, from the viewpoint of Artificial Intelligence, more specifically Neural networks.
Part 1 of the Neural conscious series has the following titles which are released on as 1/1 NFTs.
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NFT art on KnownOrigin

In December 2021, Rudolf was accepted by KnownOrigin as an artist. KnownOrigin is a curated NFT platform and regarded as one of “the big three” in NFT space. As he was in the middle of two art projects at the time, it would take him until 16 February 2022 before he published artwork there.
His first artwork (or “genesis piece” as they say in NFT space) was called “When egos become cannons“, referring to the coming war in the Ukraine. One week later, Russia invaded Ukraine. The proceedings of the sale went to Red Cross Ukraine for humanitarian aid.
The second artwork was “Chaos in the clock tower“, referring to the handwringing and uncertainty in political circles regarding covid, the environment and the economical crisis.
Neural city” was handpicked by the KnownOrigin team for special promotion, together with Rodrigo Courtney, Adriana Mugia & Arbiter Elegantiarum for the drop of 2 June 2022.

4 dimensional Architecture series

The 4D Architecture art series consist of eighty 1/1 NFT artworks* on OpenSea, an Ethereum blockchain*, and was one of the most successful art series so far.
The work is inspired on the principle of the Penrose triangle, also known as the impossible triangle, and especially the way how M.C. Escher implemented this idea.
The artwork was created by using generative adversarial networks, i.e.: artificial intelligence which the artists used in his own unique way.
The series ran from October to end November 2021.
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4D Architecture Bloopers

Since the generative adversarial networks produced a lot of misfits during the creation of the 4D Architecture art series (which were nevertheless excellent artworks in themselves), Rudolf decided to create a separate series which the objective to make the same quality of artwork available to a wider public via the Tezos blockchain*.
This series was launched in December 2021 and consisted of forty 1/1 NFT artworks in total, divided over two drops.
4D Architecture art series.
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4D Expanded Views

Based on the same principle as the 4D Architecture art series. The biggest difference is the format, which in this case is landscape while in the previous versions they were square.
The resolution of the digital images is bigger also.
This series was launched in January 2022 and contained 40 artworks.
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Seven Sins series

This series is a metaphorical approach to the seven deadly sins, created by the alter ego of Rudolf Boogerman, called Raboo. This slightly humoristic series, tears those sins out of their supposed context. The alter ego Raboo serves as an antidote for his serious artwork.
It consists of 2 times 7 artworks, each multiples of 5 editions, created on the Tezos blockchain.
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NFT art on Ephimera

Rudolf was invited to Ephimera, the lens-based NFT platform from Toronto in October 2020. He sold his first NFT art video “Tangled trees” there to Barrie Mowatt, Founder and Artistic Director of the Vancouver Biennale 2020. Later on, in 2021 his work was collected by Angie Taylor, Miss A.L. Simpson and Gisel Florez, all great artists in their own right.

(*) Lexicon

blockchain: A communal server where smart contracts and digital images are uploaded for public view.
A non-fungible token, is a digital image that is registered on a blockchain, stating who the creator is and who owns it.
1/1 NFT: A one-to-one NFT means that there is only one edition of the digital artwork, in contrast to multiples. One-to-one NFTs have generally more value then multiples in parallel with traditional artwork where the original is unique and lithos or etchings are multiples.


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