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Here you can leave comments about what you think of the artwork, or you might treat this as a guest book like you have at offline exhibitions. Your email is not exposed online. To prevent spammers, your comment has to be approved before it is published. See also the privacy policy.
Thank you for taking the time to write.


4 responses to “Guest book”

  1. IreneB says:

    Good new website, specially as it plays on an iPad. Lots of excellent new work, keep it up, hope you keep on producing more of this.

  2. Ineke Jansonius says:

    Wonderfully affecting works of art with deep meaning, skilfully executed and thought provoking. The 9/11 piece is especially striking and stimulated a lively discussion.

  3. Connor McDade says:

    The projects are really creative and I have enjoyed watching the videos. I do not have a favourite as they are all superb.

    Connor McDade (your great nephew)

  4. Marc T says:

    Great ! Great! Great!
    Marc T

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