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Rudolf Boogerman

Rudolf Boogerman

Mixed media artist. He uses his camera like a brush to create moving images, often expressing, yet not limited to, abstracted ideas about human nature and (r)evolution. Rudolf played around with primitive webcams before he got himself a Sony HDR-FX1 camcorder with which he filmed all his Wooden Dimensions artwork. Later on, he created various experimental short films, which he called “Patterns and rhythms in nature”(see Video art).
Since October 2020, he works primarily on digital art in the form of NFTs using video, sound, photography, Artificial Intelligence (machine learning/gan) and sporadically 3D.

He went to a Graphic arts school (SISA) in Antwerp (Belgium). For a period of time, he became an apprentice of  several artists where-under Eduard Leibovitz (glass sculptor), with whom in 1985 he rented an art studio in Antwerp. Next to his artwork, he made a living as a freelance illustrator/graphic designer, working primarily for advertising agencies and publishers.

He moved to the UK in 1990 where he began his art series. He created several projects: “Mirrors on the Wall”, “Travel Series”, “Wooden Dimensions” and “Lost Corners“.
In 2007 he moved back to Belgium, creating primarily art videos and cardboard artwork, the latter he filmed initially to demonstrate, later on the cardboards became actors in his art videos.

From October 2020, under the name of his alter ego Raboo, Rudolf created several art series inspired by architecture and the Dutch painter Escher, using artificial intelligence and image editing. More info: 4D Architecture

With authorization of TV Luxembourg. To see the full interview: click here.

Tangled trees (the cryptoart version) was featured in a live stream of ArtProject 2020 during the Vancouver Biennale:

Selection of NFT art events and exhibitions

2023 Founder of the Raboo Museum of Digital Art
ArtCrush open air exhibition, large scale projection on Brussels-Midi building
Post photography glimpses” organised & curated by Ivona Tau
NFT Fine Art Show: “Freedom Exhibition” curated by RӔset
The AI Internet Yami-Ichi exhibition, Miami
2022 “Contagious” became part of the Genesis Collection in MOCA(Museum of Crypto Art)
ArtCrush Miami Art Basel ultra exhibition, Miami
AlottaMoney postcard exhibition, NFT London
WAGMI exhibition, Kuwait
International Artcrush project London
Human error series, OpenSea.
Temporal Vision, Times Square, New York.
The Wrong Biennale 2022, pavilion curated by Ivona Tau.
MOCA, Museum of CryptoArt – Community collection
KnownOrigin NFT platform (before eBay acquired it)
CupcakeandHoneyB Gallery  https://oncyber.io/cupcakeandhoneyb
Expanded Views series, OpenSea.
2021 4D Architecture AI series on OpenSea
Stratosphere, NFT Art International, Beijing China.
Foundation NFT platform.
Collaboration with Jeremy Torman on the Mythologicals project.
Morrow Collective NFT gallery, Permanent exhibition “Trash art”.
Digital art on HicetNunc and objkt.com.
Finalist of the Ephimera photo manipulation contest at ETHDenver 2021
2020 Ephimera, Collect museum of quality photography and video art.

Selection of traditional exhibitions

2018 Parc des Topiaires, Durbuy.
2017 Centre Culturel, Hotton, exhibition “Décacher”.
2016 Chateau de Villiers, group exhibition.
2010 Donk Pronkt, Mol, group exhibition.
2003 Le Chaperon Rouge, international group exhibition, St Hubert Belgium.
2001 -2003 Sokillustration, National University of Technology, Seoul South Korea
2000 Zuiderpershuis, group exhibition
Gallery WooDuk, Seoul Korea. “International illustrators exchange exhibition”
1997 BACOB bank, Head office Antwerp, with Inge De Belder
1996 Gallery Otus, Antwerp
Exhibition with Luis Caro (Spanish Painter), Antwerp
1995 ‘t Geleeg Brick-yard museum in Rumst, Belgium with “De Beeldende Zusters”
Central Library of St. Albans, England.
1994-1998 Open Ateliers ’94, Antwerp South with “De Beeldende Zusters”
1994 Salon d’Artistes ’94, Neckerhallen in Mechlin, Belgium.
Foundation of group “De Beeldende Zusters”


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Nov 2000 Catalog ‘Sokism’ 2000, Korea
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Febr 2017 TV interview TVLux
July 2021 Interview with Electric Artifacts.
September 2021 Interview with Claudia Pawlak from Ephimera.

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