Neural city

Neural city

Neural city is an art video using various techniques like photography, artificial intelligence, 3D and video editing.
The artwork was created for the 5th edition of The Wrong Biennale, May 2022 in the pavilion pavilion curated by Ivona Tau, under the theme My deepest hopes and fears were generative.

It is the genesis piece for the Neural Conscious series that becomes available on, beginning of June 2022. More info on the project.

Neural city
Artificial intelligence is a simulation of intelligence, therefore not really intelligent.
But what about their future potential?
What if neural networks move beyond what is expected from them?
And if they do, what impact will that have on our society?
I tried to imagine how AI’s would create their own cities, not in real life, but internally.
And how they would experiment with that, to find the ideal place to be.
Like we imagine a place of tranquillity in our mind’s eye, to escape momentarily from our busy lives.

Rudolf Boogerman, 27 April 2022

Resolution: 3840×2160
Duration: 00:03:08
(*) NFT: Registered ownership of digital art via a smart contract that is permanently stored on the blockchain and available for everyone to see.
(**) Blockchain: Basically a server or a group of servers on the internet.


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