New wave

Inspired by the quote attributed to the writer/poet Fernando Sabino:
“No fim, tudo dá certo. Se não deu, ainda não chegou ao fim”
(In the end, everything will be okay. If it’s not okay, it’s not yet the end.)

New wave plays with the idea that whatever happens, nature will restore itself, whether with or without humankind.
The artwork is a mix of video footage transformed with Artificial Intelligence.

10 editions (Get your limited edition on OpenSea)

Format: Minted version: 1920×1080, MP4 H2.64 AAC 192kbps, 48000kHz, 16bit
Original Format: 3840×2160, MP4 H2.64 AAC 320Kbps, 48000kHz, 16bit
Length: 49 seconds
The collector will be able to download the original 4K version of the video with CD quality sound.


Artist: Rudolf Boogerman
City background: video “Street” (transformed with AI)by Jarek Fethke, Pixabay.
Audio samples by Rudolf Boogerman, except “Natural thunder” by SoundForYou, Pixabay.
Created with StableDiffusion, Affinity Photo, Davinci Resolve, Audacity.

Raboo Museum of Digital Art

The art video can also be seen in the Raboo Museum of Digital Art, which opens its virtual doors on 1 September 2023 at 16:00h CET.
Raboo Museum of Digital Art

Screenshot Raboo Museum of digital Art, founded by Rudolf Boogerman


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