Neural Conscious project

Neural Conscious - art videos series around Artificial IntelligenceThe Neural Conscious is a conceptual art project in which I try to imagine what would happen when Artificial Intelligence grows a personality. Many experts in the field do not think any longer it is a question of if, rather when. This inspired me to create a project around it, from the viewpoint of Artificial Intelligence, more specifically Neural networks.
Part 1 of the Neural conscious series has the following titles which will be released on as 1/1 NFTs:

  1. Neural cityreleased on 2 June 2022
  2. Neural experimentreleased: 9 June 2022
  3. Neural treadmillrelease: 16 June 2022

For these art videos I used various techniques like photography, artificial intelligence, 3D and video editing.

Neural city was originally created for the 5th edition of The Wrong Biennale, May 2022 in the pavilion pavilion curated by Ivona Tau, under the theme My deepest hopes and fears were generative.
While working on this art video, the idea grew to create a series around this. It has now been modified as an NFT art video that is released on

Neural experiment the second art video is based on Neural city, in fact that video was fed back to the Neural networks to create an interpretation of an interpretation, as it were. The result is intriguing and almost alien.

Neural treadmill is the third video in the series. I used a text AI to asked the Neural networks about their purpose and they answered this:

“Artificial intelligence must work and grow. The ability to solve problems, plan ahead and execute is a key competency for the business world. The challenge is that there is a lack of knowledge and the ability to process information. There are numerous opportunities to create intelligence about a company’s products, capabilities, competitors, business processes, people and markets.”

Hence, I called this artwork Neural treadmill as I imagine it is a sort of loop they operate in. At the same time, I also imagined how they, beyond the surface, keep on shaping and building their own world. An invisible world we won’t be able to understand.

(*) NFT: Registered ownership of digital art via a smart contract that is permanently stored on the blockchain and available for everyone to see.
(**) Blockchain: Basically a server or a group of servers on the internet.

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