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To buy Giclées, you simply click on the yellow button that says “Add to Cart”:

And you can preview your shopping basket at any time by clicking on the “View Shopping Cart” link.
This will show which items you have selected in the sidebar (on desktop computers) along with price and shipping.
It shows the same on tablets of mobiles, but located at the bottom of the page.


A fixed rate €20.00 will be shown in the Shopping Cart (unless you selected a total of more than €350.00):

Payment options

Don’t want to pay with PayPal or don’t have a PayPal account? Underneath the Yellow PayPal buttons are a number of credit card options you can choose from. Simply click on the credit card of your choice instead of the yellow PayPal button:

PayPal will then handle the transaction on your behalf without forcing you to become a member. However, PayPal will ask you to fill in the shipping address.
Make sure that information is correct because we cannot handle an eventual refund request if the package gets lost.

For the decentralised collector, you don’t want to pay with fiat?
Fill in this form and we send you instructions how to pay with Ethereum or Tezos.


Quite a few artworks are presented in the form of a video. The player used is HTML5 based, so the videos can be viewed on mobile devices as well, although some may not recognize the format. The player supports all modern browsers (Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safar, IExplorer 11 or higher). Since the site uses HLS adaptive streaming, there is no play button on older iPad versions iOS 6 and lower).  In that case, double click on the image to play the video. Screenshots of the player interface:

On desktops and laptops: You can play videos full screen by clicking on the expand button on the right of the control bar. To play the video, you click on the arrow in the middle of the video or the icon in the control bar on the left. Each video contains sound.  Where speech is used, subtitles are available.
Some videos (in the NFT art section) are simple MP4 versions which do not have a quality selector.

Can I embed this video on my site?

Yes, if you want to embed the video in your own site, please contact the artist, and he’ll provide you with an mp4 version. It is not allowed to edit the video and a copyright notice is required underneath the embedded video.

Strange Mix of green and purple in video on Firefox:

This may happen on Windows 8.x after updating Firefox. Mozilla suggests to update the graphics driver to the latest version.

No playable sources found

Try refresh the page. If that doesn’t work, contact us and let us know which device and browser you use so that we can fix the problem.

Images of the artwork

To enlarge an image, simply click on it and it will open to fill the window. If your screen is smaller then 1280x 1100, you can click again to enlarge the image to full scale in Firefox, Chrome, IExplorer and Safari. Other browsers have not been tested but they may offer the same functionality.

See also the Terms of use for this site.

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