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In this section you find videos showing cardboard versions of artwork, usually meant as scaled down models for the Wooden Dimensions project (which can be created in full scale on commission). However, the method of presentation of these artworks is quite different. Where the Wooden Dimensions videos are straightforward demonstrations of the artworks, the Cardboard videos go way beyond just showing the objects. They are art videos in their own right, with sound effects, voices and visual effects.
A few typical examples ; Humanity everywhere, Radiantly confined, Boxed in.

On the right, you find all art videos in this section listed.

Older Cardboard designs

Not all cardboard designs are represented in video format, since the full scale versions are already filmed in the Wooden Dimensions section. Below you find a few typical roughs in cardboard:

Moon song II Cardboard version of Clitoris artwork Cardboard version of Egg demystified artwork

Rudolf did not always make cardboard versions of Wooden Dimensions artwork. Usually, he made a rough cardboard design when he wasn’t sure whether an idea would work in wood or not. He often adapted the design considerably in the full scaled versions:

Cardboard version and original together

This cardboard design (on the left) was the model for the first Wooden Dimensions artwork, called “Some stages of mind“.
The full scale artwork (right) was first exhibited in 1996 at the “Zuiderpershuis” in Antwerp.

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