Radiantly confined

Radiantly confined : In this short film, presenting a scaled down model of a Wooden Dimensions artwork, Rudolf Boogerman shows how he experiences the confinement during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Although it is certainly a stressful period for many, Rudolf prefers to show the positive aspects with this artwork. For him, the confinement is an opportunity to experiment and to prepare new art projects without external distractions.
That said, he feels for the victims of the flu and he thanks all medical staff and volunteers worldwide who try to save lives.
Subtitles provided in English and French (Closed Captions included).

Recommended to use stereo speakers to get the best sound experience.

Sound art & mix:  Rudolf Boogerman.
Soundtrack:Don’t believe a word they say” by Loyalty Freak Music (Public domain – Common Creatives 1.0 Universal license)
Voice-overs: Lúcia Da Rocha, Rudolf Boogerman, TTS voices from Acapella.
Medium: Sony FX1 Camcorder
Resolution : 1920×1080
Duration: 00:02:45

Transcription subtitles:

Time is on your side

Radiantly confined

[Deep voice] Radiantly confined

[woman laughing]


L’amour tout les jours

[woman and man laughing]

Air pollution is down


Stress can be messy
[repeated echos]

Time is on your side

Tranquille (be calm)

[man’s and woman’s voice in echo]

Air pollution is down

Down, down, down…
[repeated echos]

Radiantly confined

[deep voice] Radiantly confined

Radiantly happy

Radiantly happy
[rapid, pitched voice]

[woman and man laughing together]


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