Lost Corners project


This is a mini-documentary on the artwork series “Lost Corners” by Rudolf Boogerman.
Duration: 3 minutes.
Subtitles available in English, French, Dutch

Transcription of the video

Lost Corners consists of charcoal paintings with pastel on paper and canvas.
The series shows landmarks, places and objects which we are so used to that we do not really see them anymore.
We would only notice if they would disappear, when it is too late.
Most of the charcoal paintings have a desolate atmosphere, enhanced by the limited range of color, consisting mostly of tinted grays, with the deep black of charcoal.
While showing rather inactive scenery with no humans in sight, there is nevertheless a suggestion of life.
Somehow these places look as if action can start any minute.
Soon a car might drive by…
a crane starts working…
a railway bridge may tumble… and click into place.
However, some of the artwork do contain people
but always in transit, moving from one place to the other.
And then we have the train and tube stations devoid of people, or other signs of life, except for the suggestion of a train coming in…
just outside the view, throwing a deep shadow over the platform.
Or simply a frozen moment , things you notice while waiting…
your eyes wander over the powerlines, the iron constructions and other things you otherwise might neglect.
And finally,… there are the series of bridges seen from below, in no mans land,…
where people do not venture unless they are lost or homeless.
Lost Corners is a reflective type of artwork series that doesn’t seek to trigger high emotions.
It simply wants to show the hidden pearls in the ordinary.
Thank you for watching this mini documentary about Lost Corners by Rudolf Boogerman.


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