Antwerp Harbor – industrial site

Antwerp North - hangars

2 Charcoal paintings on canvas, view on the harbor of Antwerp North, Belgium. Old industrial site from two angles.
Above: Harbor of Antwerp, industrial site – Rudolf Boogerman
Tall building is the art museum Extra City.
Medium: Charcoal and pastel on canvas
Format: 60 x 50 x 3 cm
Cryptoart version available on

Antwerp Harbor -charcoal on canvas

Harbor of Antwerp, industrial site from a different angle – © Rudolf Boogerman
Medium: Charcoal and pastel on canvas
Format: 60 x 50 x 3 cm



2 responses to “Antwerp Harbor – industrial site”

  1. Hello Rudolf,
    I came across you and your art work here at linkedin.

    After viewing a lot of your work I noticed Lost Corners which I also enjoyed. I enjoy the your care and deliberation that seems to go into your art.

    I did a piece titled lost details which in a way relates to your Lost Corners.
    The web link is in the “website” box provided.

    I relate to your working methods. I find and repurpose objects. The architectural columns salvaged in my lost details was the starting point for lost details. This work is my personal commentary on a section of Brooklyn, NY where I live. I am presently witnessing the loss of many beautiful buildings, many 100 years old and older with the term of “urban renewal” being the catch phrase being given to the public at large. To me it is the whole sale demolition and destruction of landmark historical properties.

    I am happy to have come across you and your work
    All the best,

    • Rudolf Boogerman says:

      Thank you, Carlo! Your “Lost details” is wonderful. I like quite a few of your other artworks as well.
      Let me know if you put up new material. I’ll connect with you on LinkedIn.

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