4-Dimensional Architecture

Updated 7 June 2022

About the 4D Architecture series

4 Dimensional Architecture, or in shorthand 4D Architecture,  is a highly successful NFT Art series created by Rudolf Boogerman, using Generative Adversarial Networks in his own unique way.

It is a series of architectural creations with a four dimensional twist, in the same way as Escher explored the principle of the Penrose triangle or the impossible triangle.
Consequently, I do not pretend to replicate existing architectural styles, they are merely used as a basis to create these strange, beautiful constructions, and I hope that some of them will inspire architects for their new projects.

The Penrose triangle

Unlike Escher, I’m not that great with mathematics, hence this is where Artificial Intelligence comes in. In fact, eighty percent of what you are about to see is AI. My input is to construct the questions in a way that AI understands and curate whatever comes out.  I also correct certain details or create composites if I don’t get what I want. For the rest, the entire honour goes to AI and the legacy of Maurits Cornelis Escher.

In a nutshell, this series is an exploration into the beauty of imaginary architecture and the astounding possibilities of Generative Adversarial Networks.

How the project came to life

As a child I was fascinated by Escher’s artworks and I spent hours getting to grips with those twists in perspective that appear to be logical, yet impossible.
In August 2021, I was testing artificial intelligence to produce digital artworks and I suddenly thought: “Let’s try a house in the style of Escher”, not really expecting anything useful, and then I got this wonderful result after a few trials:

The same day, I showed this artwork on Twitter and it got quite a few enthusiastic reactions. Subsequently, I published it on the NFT art platform hicetnunc for the objkt4objkt event, which allowed collectors to get a free edition of the minted piece which I appropriately called “The House of Escher” with the description: “If Escher had built his own home, it would look like this.“.
For this occasion there were 1,000 free editions available and during the following week 457 people collected this artwork on hicetnunc. This confirmed to me that it was worthwhile to explore this more profoundly. After a month of extensive testing, the art series “4D Architecture” was finally born.

How to buy an artwork from this series

It is currently only possible to buy the artwork on the secondary market.
The 1/1 NFT artworks were released  on OpenSea in weekly drops of about 20 items, with a total of 80 artworks.
The minting price of the artworks was 0.05eth, royalties on secondary sales: 10%

Hand signed Giclées

The series comes with the option to buy a hand signed Giclée of 16,8×16,8 inch (42×42 cm), using durable archival ink on high quality aquarelle paper, printed by a specialist of Museum quality art reproductions in Belgium.
Hodlers with minimum six NFTs of this series  could reserve 1 giclée for free.
Anyone else can still order a hand signed Giclée at 0.15ETH (shipping worldwide included, customs tax excluded).
There will be maximum three Giclées per artwork available to guarantee scarcity.
NFT holders of this series have the first right to buy.
Contact the artist

Terms of use

The NFTs follow standard industry rules: The NFT is for personal use only. This means that you can display it via electronic devices in your home of where you work. You can show it to friends and display it on a website or a virtual gallery, as long as it has no commercial purpose.
You can also resell the artwork via the platform you bought it from. 10% commission goes to the artist.
The artist remains the copyright owner of the NFTs. When you buy, you automatically agree to these rules.

History of sales

The first launch of twenty artworks from the series happened on 30 October 2021 and Trevor Jones bought all the artworks in one go.
Trevor Jones became famous in the NFT space as the first artist to break a record sale with his “Picasso’s Bull” artwork, which grabbed the attention of the media, after which most journalists (grudgingly) stopped dismissing NFT art as something obscure and frivolous.
The third drop sold out in 39 minutes and included Alotta Money, famous for his humorous animated artwork.
The last drop was also completely sold out in about 40 minutes.
End January 2022, Murat Pak, the legendary conceptual NFT artist, bought 5 artworks in secondary sales. He also bought 4 artworks of the 4 Dimensional Expanded Views series.

The 4D Architecture Bloopers

4D Architecture blooperTo create this series, I had to generate a huge amount of images to get to the result I wanted. In that process, some shining pearls came up, but they didn’t fit in the series, as I had to follow the rules laid out for this project from the beginning.
Since the NFT community has helped me a lot to promote this series, and quite a few people indicated that they couldn’t afford the high gas fees on OpenSea, I decided to create a blooper series on objkt.com, which is a Tezos platform.

More info on this: 4 Dimensional Architecture Bloopers


You are invited to the discord channel (https://discord.gg/p26BuQ2Vmb) where I post more information and updates on the project. Or you can follow me on Twitter.

4 Dimensional Architecture, or in shorthand 4D Architecture,  is a highly successful NFT Art series created by Rudolf Boogerman, using Generative Adversarial Networks in his own unique way.

Stay tuned via twitter: @RudolfBoogerman #4dArchitecture

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