The heart

Experimental video. Unfocused view of a moving surface giving the impression of a beating heart. By using a colored solid imposed over the footage, Rudolf Boogerman creates the illusion of viewing the internal anatomy of a body.
In time, it becomes clear what is really filmed.
Sound effect: “Heartbeat” –, mixed with background sound of the footage.
To hear the heartbeat, it is best to use a headset or external speakers because it is too faint for internal speakers.

Medium: Sony FX1 Camcorder
Resolution: 1280×720
Length: 00:01:35


One response to “The heart”

  1. Impressionnant comme cette vidéo fait réagir mon corps ! Je sens que ça palpite dans mon torse et mes bras ! C’est comme faire une échographie quand on est enceinte !

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