WYSIWYG Hunting Simulator

Subtitle: Humanizing the instinct.
Outdoor art installation created for the international exhibition Le Chaperon Rouge in St. Hubert Belgium, organized by Willy Coomans. (See Concept)

Medium: Wood, metal, print plates, plexi, plastics, artificial blood, glass.
Format: 260 x 80 x 80 cm


The idea behind this artwork was to create a hunting simulator since St. Hubert is a well known area for hunting deer. The work represents an alternative for the instinct to kill in the form of a simulator that could be placed in the Forest.

Gateways in wood, doors to a world of engagement wherein Rudolf winks with his eye, but at the same time stabs with a dagger. His work is a witness to the natural instincts in every human being, the longing to hunt, to hunt down, to shoot like the photographer and the “star”, like the footballer in the goal, like the rockets that can contain satellites but weapons of destruction as well. The hunter in Little Red saves our heroine, the hunter in Rudolf’s work shoots for pleasure at anything that moves. Humanizing this hunter’s instinct with a shooting stand, humanizing our longing to kill another living creature…is that a contribution towards art?

Introduction by Willy Coomans, July 2003 – St Hubert Exhibition – Hunting simulator (Wooden Dimensions Project)


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