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  1. Marco Luz says:

    Hello Rudolf! I just saw the video and enjoyed it. Yes, the sound does make a difference. Personally what came up to me was a feeling of softness and subtleness. Also, maybe, one of delicateness. It’s also interesting to notice that it can be seen either way with a blank mind or having the image of the virus
    When doing the second one it’s like the virus loses the heaviness of the image that’s been created of it by humankind at the moment. Looks like one just sees that it’s “doing its job”, and of course, there is intelligence operating behind it. Otherwise, it couldn’t enter the cell with all its intricacies. So the impression that I got was that what looks beautiful and harmless at one level/plane of existence (the cellular level) can be hazardous at another level (the organism). Yet, as there is intelligence operating behind it, not everything that is deriving from this virus is bad. There’s growth and expansion too, which is already being seen throughout the world.

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