test rtmp fallback

This video doesn’t play on IExplorer 11 because HLS has been configured to play in HTML5 mode,whereas IExplorer needs Flash to play it. As there is no fallback in this example, the video only works on html5 mode:

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In this example, if Flash is disabled on desktop browsers, HLS streams in HTML5 mode like above, but when it encounters a desktop browser that isn’t HTML5 compatible or it can’t play HLS without Flash, RTMP is set as a fallback. We’ve set another video for RTMP so that you see the difference clearly, otherwise you wouldn’t notice immediately, except for the HD button in the control bar, which isn’t there on RTMP:

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The beauty of combining hls and rtmp is that on desktop browsers and mobile devices, hls adaptive streaming will serve a bitrate version according to the internet connectio. Whereas on Flash enabled browsers which can’t play HLS in HTML5 mode, RTMP will play. RTMP offers other advantages, like better protection against downloads and it loads a little quicker then HLS.

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